Freez Strong Hold Hairspray


FREEZ strong hold hairspray provides perfect form resilience to your dog’s hair that has been arranged without looking stiff and looks healthy. The shape of the hair can remain standing strong even if your dog is active though. The best products for making top knots, grooming for shows and creative grooming. With Chia Seed extract that provides many benefits for your dog’s fur and hair strands. Has an Ultra Quick Dry formula. It is suitable in the color of black dog hair though because this product does NOT leave residual residue in the fur.

How to use :
Shake before use, spray at a distance of +/- 30cm evenly on the desired area.

Warning :

⁃ This product is easy to burn!
⁃ A pressurized gas bottle may explode if exposed to heat.
⁃ Avoid the sun.
⁃ Place it at room temperature below 50C or 120F.
⁃ Don’t puncture / burn bottles even though the product has run out though.
⁃ Keep away from all heat-making media and sparks.
⁃ Do not place the bottle in hot water / near a radiator / stove / other heat source.
⁃ Keep out of the reach of children.
⁃ Avoid the eye area !!!!
⁃ Do not leave the product in fur overnight (overnight) after the dogshow ends, immediately bathe your dog with your favorite True Iconic shampoo and conditioner.



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